Video using HTML code.

You can add a video using Embed code instead of using our built in Video element. Read this article to
There are two way to embed Video using HTML code in your website.
  1. 1.
    Using direct RAW element
  2. 2.
    Using RAW element inside a Section
  1. 1.
    To add a video using RAW element, choose RAW element from Menu option
Click on the large, blue colored plus icon to open available selections
Click on the + button
Now choose RAW element from Elements
Select 2. RAW
Click on RAW element and choose EDIT raw
Paste your code into Code window and click SAVE. To change background and other properties choose settings next to Code.
Publish your website to see the live changes on your website.

Using RAW element inside a section

You can also embed a video inside any blocks/section using RAW element.
Add a section/block. For example lets add a video using embed codes (other then Youtube or Vimeo) inside header
Add a block
Set the opacity on full before adding Video code.
2. Remove the default background Image by clicking on remove image button (Please remove the image after selecting the opacity)
Choose the Last option (<>) for adding RAW element
Add RAW element after removing the background.
After adding RAW element, remove the default code and paste your video code into it. That's it.
You can remove the Title and button by clicking on them and then select Remove element.