Add Slide show and apply different settings like Autoplay and manual control, crop and add effects on the Go

This article explains about built in Slideshow, if you want to use third-party Slideshow widget please read this article-

  1. Open section setting by clicking on setting button available at the right side of each section

2. When you click on Add Slide button a Default slide will be added to your website. Click on the dot to open the slide. You can edit the picture, text and other content of that slide separately.

How to enable Autoplay for Slideshow?

  1. From Section setting choose Slideshow next to settings (see the image below)

2. Click on the Dropdown button to choose from from Manual or Autoplay option, Choose the Duration between slideshow as per your need.

How to Manage or move slides?

  1. From section setting, click on Manage button (see the image below)

2. Hover over the slide to see the available options, You can move, remove the slide or clone them using different buttons (see the images below)

(a) Click on DONE button after making changes

Make sure to click on Publish button to save the changes and make them live on your website.