Facebook Like Button

Add Facebook Like and Share button to your website with our built-in integration.

This FB like and share button can be added to any blocks or sections with different layout and alignment, feel free to experiment by click on Section and Pro setting.

This article explains about built in Social Media button, if you want to use third-party social media button please read this article- https://docs.vintcer.com/custom-html-js-code

This article explains about adding Facebook Like and Share Button. If you want to add Social Media button and Social media Share buttons then please read previous Articles.

  1. Add a Block or section of your choice and click on small blue colored + button to open element tray.

2. Now, choose Widget <> option (in dark blue color) to open the widget bar

3. From widget bar, select Facebook Like option

4. Enter you Facebook Page URL and enable Share button (true/false) and Click on UPDATE button.

5. A Like and Share button will be added to your website

Make sure to click on UPDATE button and then Publish button to save the changes on live site.

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