Custom HTML, CSS and JS code in sections or blocks

In our latest release we have made it a lot easier for you to add or embed your own code or third-party widget to anywhere you want

Adding a corrupt and wrong code can lead to serious damage to your website. So, Please test the code on a test/demo website before uploading it to your original website.

This article explains about adding custom code, scripts, third-party embed codes to sections and blocks. If you want to add the code into body or in-line please read previous article or click here.

  1. Add a Section or block of your choice or use the one that are already added to your website.

  2. Add a Widget by clicking on Small blue colored + button (see the image below)

3. When you click on Custom code button, a default code will be added to the section.

(a) Either click on the HTML box and choose edit Widget or directly click on Code to add your own code, script or third-party widgets.

Make sure to remove the default codes.

Click on Save button after adding your own code or scripts. Click on Publish button to make the changes live on your website.