Learn to create Powerful websites in few minutes

Vintcer is a powerful and easy to use drag and drop website builder. Vintcer is fully customizable and and powerful. You only need few hour's to explore it's capabilities.
Here are the articles in this section:
Introduction to Builder
Each elements, sections/blocks and other thing in Vintcer are fully customizable. You can decide their Appearance, size,...
Getting Started
Hosting FAQ
Learn more about where we host your websites, server speed and server locations.
Connect your own Domain
Learn how to connect a domain that you have purchased from third-party to your website is very easy. You only have to ch...
Change Themes
Menu- Navigation Bar
Learn how to change Menu style, Links and design. We have lots of designs to choose from.
Adding Drop-down menu list in navigation Bar
Drop-down menu options will appears when you select an item with a mouse. The item you select is generally at the top of...
SEO and Favicon
Learn how to update SEO, Favicon and social preview image.
Button Designing
Learn how to customize Appearance, color, border, width of button in your website.
Slideshow builder and manager
VINTCER comes with a built-in powerful Slideshow builder and manager. This tutorial explains about adding Slides, removi...
Custom HTML, JS code
Learn how to add your own HTML, JAVASCRIPT and CSS code into your website.
Custom HTML, CSS and JS code in sections or blocks
In our latest release we have made it a lot easier for you to add or embed your own code or third-party widget to anywhe...
Google Analytics.
Google Analytics is a free analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.Google Analytics ...
MailChimp Integration
Learn how to connect your Vintcer website to your MailChip account with few clicks.
AWeber Integration
Learn how to connect AWeber account to your website.
SoundCloud Integration
There are many ways to add your SoundCloud song to your Vintcer website but this one is the fastest and easiest
Multi-language website
You can create Multi language website with Vintcer either using Google translate or hosting your Translated website on s...
Google Translate
Learn how to add Google Translate to your website (Multi-language website).
Sitemap (SEO)
Sitemaps are used by search engines like Google and Bing to quickly scan your website for content.
SSL certificate
You can redirect your website from HTTP to HTTPS by installing a SSL cetificate. Read this article for more information
Adding Video to your website.
We made very easy for you to Add Video on your website. just use our Video widget and enter the Video ID and Video will ...
Video in Blocks.
You can add a Video anywhere using Video element.
Video using HTML code.
You can add a video using Embed code instead of using our built in Video element. Read this article to
Wistia Video
Wistia provides simple software for creating, managing, and sharing videos for business. You can add Wistia videos to yo...
Intercom Integration
Learn how to add Intercom messenger to your website.
Add Feedback form
Learn how to add a Feedback Form to your website to collect feedbacks from your Users.
Calendly- Schedules Meetings
Schedules Meetings with Others Based on Your Availability with Calendly.
How to add and configure built in Contact Forms
Learn how to add and configure built in forms in your website.
Install Disqus comments on your website
Adding Google Maps to your website
Learn how to add Google Maps in your website in few minutes with different designs and layouts.
Upload files to AWS S3 and use them in your website
Learn, How to create AWS S3 account, upload files and use them into your website.
Adding External links to buttons
Learn how to add or link a external file or URL to your website.
PayPal Donations
Add PayPal donation button to your website in few clicks.
Countdown Timer
Learn to add a beautiful countdown timer perfect for coming soon websites and pages, flash sales, event pages, special ...
Add Twitter Feed to your website
Add twitter feed to your website with few click. Our Twitter feed widget makes it easier than ever to add your twitter f...
How to add a PDF into your website
Insert a PDF into your website with our built-in PDF widget.
Pro settings
Pro setting is the powerful way to control content width, settings, padding etc. You can also change section or block la...
Cookie Consent app
Cookie Consent is built-in plugin for alerting users about the use of cookies on your Vintcer website. It is designed to...
Add Google Reviews to your website
Google Reviews allow customers to publicly post a review in Google about their experience with a business and its servic...
Social Media Button
Add Social Media Button to your website, apply themes and adjust size and add them wherever you wants with few clicks.
Social Media Share button
Let people share your content, website or business on Social Media. Use our Built in Share button and configure them wi...
Facebook Like Button
Add Facebook Like and Share button to your website with our built-in integration.
Facebook comment plugin
Add Facebook comment plugin to your Articles, posts or any other sections using our built in FB comment plugin
Facebook PIXEL
The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understandin...
How to activate license
Website Transfer to Client's Account
Page Manager
Learn how to manage, copy and delete pages.
Responsiveness and Device Preview
The purpose of responsive design is to have one site, but with different elements that respond differently when viewed o...
Adding Password Protection to Pages in your Website
You can add Password protection to your website's pages. In this tutorial you'll learn adding Password to your pages.
Instagram feed in your website using POWR Instagram plugin
Google Tag Manager
Referral Program
Understand basics of our referral program
Add Live chat widget tawk.to to your website
Video pop-up (Lightbox)
Business Email