Calendly- Schedules Meetings

Schedules Meetings with Others Based on Your Availability with Calendly.

Finding a time that’s good for everyone to hop on a call or participate in a meeting often turns into a bad game of email tag. Calendly makes scheduling super simple, by coordinating your availability with others’.

Connect your Google Calendar to the site and Calendly will know when you have events marked as busy. Then you can share a link to your Calendly page and your invitees can schedule their own appointments with you, working around those busy/unavailable times. The invitees never have access to your dashboard showing all your appointments, but they can choose from various appointment types—15, 30, and 60 minute meeting intervals. You can add, delete, or customize these event types.

You have two options to Add Calendly to your website

  1. Add a Calendly Link to a Button or text

  2. Embed your Calendly Page (see the description below)

Embed options overview

There are three ways to embed Calendly on your site: inline, popup widget and popup text. All three options are completely responsive, so your invitees can schedule with you across any device. Click the thumbnail images below for a preview of each option.

How to get your embed code from Calendly

You can embed your main Calendly page, or a specific event type.

To embed your main Calendly page, visit your dashboard and select "Share Your Link" from the dropdown menu.

In the popup window that appears, select "Embed on Your Website."

To embed a specific event type, navigate to your Event Types page, click the gear icon, and select "Embed."

After making any desired changes to your widget color/text, select "Copy Code."

Once you've copied your embed code, head to your website to begin embedding!

Choose Raw element from element section-

Click on Large Blue + button to open element section

Now, Choose RAW element

After adding the RAW element, Click on the Edit Raw button

Paste the code into code editor and click save. Publish your website to Make the changes Live.

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