Install Disqus comments on your website

Why choose Disqus?

  1. Choose - I want to install Disqus on my site (see the below image)

3. Now, choose the website name and website category

4. Click on Create Site button

5. Click - I don't see my platform listed, install manually with Universal code.

6. Copy the Given Code (see the below image).

7. Go back to your Vintcer Editor and past the Code using RAW element

7 (a)- Click on the blue colored Plus button to add RAW element

7 (b)- Now choose RAW element form widget

7 (c)- After adding RAW element click on Edit Raw and paste the code into Editor

7 (d)- Paste the code and click Save

Make sure to add a <br> tag at the end of code you add into your website.

8. Go back to Disqus Dashboard and click configure and complete the remaining steps. Thats' all, you are all set to start using Disqus.

9. You need to follow the above steps only once, next time only keep the Disqus code and add it to your website using RAW element where you'd like you want to Disqus ot load.

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