Referral Program

Understand basics of our referral program

What is referral ID?

Referral ID is used by us internally for tracking the transactions, payments methods, sales made by you etc

What is referral code?

Referral code is a unique code given to you when you join our referral program. You need to share this code with your users through unique links when your user/referral/friends open that link they will get a coupon/referral code and can get discount of up to 20% on our plans. Once they purchase a plan, we will send your commission to your account.

We provide free creatives and promotional materials that you can use with your referral links and referral codes so you can market them easily. You'll get the promotional material download link once you join the program.

How do I track and see my earning reports?

You can see your earning reports and sales here-

How much commission will I get?

We share between 30% to 80% of profits in commission.

What is Sigma commission? (coming soon)

We have partnered with a web design agency. Where we provide custom design solution. You'll get up to $499 to $1500 per referral.

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