MailChimp Integration

Learn how to connect your Vintcer website to your MailChip account with few clicks.

Prerequisite:- You need to subscribe a premium plan before using this feature.

1. Open the form setting by clicking on input column.

2. After opening Form setting choose- add a user to a mailing list option from drop- down list

3. Click on configure button.

4. Now, a communication dashboard will appear

5. Click on Setup button > Choose MailChimp from drop-down list

6. Enter your MailChimp username and API keys to fetch your Mailing list.

To generate a MailChimp API key:-

  1. Log in to your MailChimp Account

  2. Click your profile name to expand the Account Panel, and choose Account.

3. Click the Extras drop-down menu and choose API keys.

4. Copy an existing API key or click the Create A Key button.

5. Paste your API key into API key column inside Vintcer Dashboard

Click on REFRESH button to fetch your mailing list and click save.

Go back to the form where you want to connect the MailChimp mailing list .

Now you will see your mailing list name (example- Vintcer in above image/case) when you open Form setting, select the Mailing list and click save button.

Upon registration, the user will automatically be added to your mailing list.

To send a file or file downloading link to new subscriber read the Next Article.

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