Business Email (Email for domain)

Learn how to setup inbox and email for your domain, with our free tools.

Business email are completely free and you can get as many emails for your domain as you want.

When you register for the first for the time it can take up to 6-12 hours to process your request. As new accounts are manually reviews for SPAM and other issues. Once your account get activated you'll get the Login credential to start using mail box for your

  1. In signup form add enter your vintcer username , email and email address that you want for your domain.

3. Fill the required details an wait for the account activation email (It can take up to few hours to receive this email depending upon your account type and review.)

4. When you receive activation email, you''ll get the domain verification credentials. You need to verify your domain to start using business emails. You need to add a CNAME and MX records as follows-





See the Host value in activation email

After adding the CNAME record configure MX record as given below








5. Once your DNS changes starts propagating, you'll be able to login into your Inbox for sending and receiving emails.

6. It is recommended to add DKIM signature. Please read the Next article to to know more about DKIM signatures.

You ned to add this DKIM signature to your domain DNS settings as a TXT record.

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