Button Designing

Learn how to customize Appearance, color, border, width of button in your website.

Button Design Basics

This method works with all buttons and sections or blocks.

Click on a button and then click on power (design icon) to open the button design settings.

After Clicking on Button Style a Button Style Manager window will appear.

From Button effects you can choose type of effects/Animation like-

Clear, Color Stretch, jump, Underline, Color Slide, Color Fade, Grow, Shadow etc.

You can change border color, border Width and radius and Hover Color etc.

Pro settings for Buttons

Pro settings are only available to Paid users. You can purchase a premium license from here- https://www.vintcer.com/pricing

Click anywhere in a Block and then select Section setting

Choose Pro option from the setting option and then choose button spacing (Under spacing control) and modify the settings as per your requirements.

You can now adjust the dimensions for buttons.

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