Introduction to Builder

Each elements, sections/blocks and other thing in Vintcer are fully customizable. You can decide their Appearance, size, padding, other dimensions, effects and animation etc. Read more below-

1. On top right corner you'l find setting regarding SEO, Account, Language, Page Manager, Site Manager, Page setting, Page widgets etc. See the image below-

Backup button and option to connect your own domain is only available to premium members. It will be available once you upgrade. Checkout our awesome pricing here-

2. On top right corner you'll find Undo, Help, Backup, Save, Preview and Publish button.

Click on the Blue colored + button to open section menu (as shown in below images)

3. Each section has it's own settings and Pro settings for Full Customization. Click on section setting tab to open open Setting Window

You can add more Elements from setting (you can also directly add elements).

4. Click on the Pro tab to open pro settings where you can decide the Alignment, Spacing, Height and width of Each element.

5. You can add F/X, effects and Animation from F/X tab

6. You can choose lots of sections and widgets from different categories.

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