Pro settings

Pro setting is the powerful way to control content width, settings, padding etc. You can also change section or block layout, alighment etc with Pro settings.

Each sections or blocks has it's own Pro settings. Click on the Section setting icon to open Pro setting (Gear icon available at right side of each section)

As written above each section has it's own setting so you may find some extra settings in some sections and less in other. (see the two images below for difference)


This section has few extra options in pro settings like 3 layout options.
While this section Doesn't has those Layout options as the above section doesn't require those.

You can adjust and fine tune alignment of text, images, and other content using pro setting.

For example Choosing Text Box spacing and adjusting the parameters we can align Title and Button in a same line

You can also use Alignment button for such alignment tasks. See the image below (we will cover more about such feature in Section setting page)