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Stripe Integration

Connect your Stripe account to your website to accept payments easily.
You can connect your account to your Vintcer website to accept payments. To do so, start by creating the account on the following page -
1. Add a Store section
2. After adding the Store section, open the dashboard by clicking on section setting
click anywhere and then choose section settings
3. Now click on the Dashboard button
4. Click on the Transfer button in the store setting.
5. Click on Setup button and add your Stripe credentials
Click on setup button.
Enter Stripe SK and Stripe PK. SK stands for "secret key", and PK stands for "publishable key". Secret and publishable keys are used to identify your Stripe account. You can grab the test and live API keys from
You can first test the transaction by entering Test API key. After testing the test transaction replace the test API keys with Live Keys.
Click on save button and you are all set to receive payments. You can test the transaction in test mode
IMPORTANT- Choose the product type from e commerce dashboard to enable or disable shipping address details.
Use the below test card for making test transactions. Use any future dates as expiry date ( MM/YY) and any random number for CVC. You can find more cards and details here-
Card Number
4242 4242 4242 4242
Use any Number
Visa (Debit)
4000 0566 5566 5556
Use any Number
5555 5555 5555 4444
Use any Number
Mastercard (2-series)
2223 0031 2200 3222
Use any Number
Mastercard (debit)
5200 8282 8282 8210
Use any Number
Mastercard (prepaid)
5105 1051 0510 5100
Use any Number
American Express
3782 8224 6310 005
Use any Number
American Express
3714 4963 539 8431
Use any Number
6011 1111 1111 1117
6011 0009 9013 9424
Diners Club
3056 9309 025 904
Diners Club
3852 0000 0232 37
3566 0020 2036 0505
6200 0000 0000 0005