IMOS Integrated marketing operating system

Learn how to install and use IMOS in your website. IMOS comes with Live analytics and Live chat that you can use to talk to your visitors/clients. All for free.

Installing IMOS- Integrated marketing operating system

  1. Start by creating a account here-

  2. Click on the Chat button after Login into IMOS

3. Copy Universal Embed Code and paste into your site header

4. Open your VINTCER website. From top bar click on Settings and then choose Pro settings

5. Paste Universal Embed Code into Pro settings and click Save button

6. That's it. Go back to IMOS dashboard and your website data and chats will be available.

You can also integrate IMOS directly through our SEO/Analytics panel. If you want to install through this way please read the steps below

  1. Open the SEO/Analytics setup from top bar

2. Get your Universal Embed code and copy your Property ID

For example your Universal Embed code is- <script defer src=""></script>

then your property Id is- 2983720a6-5mm2-4aea-a0ed-33w490dy6e7030

Enter your Property Id into IMOS Property Id column

Click on Set button and Publish your website by clicking on Publish button

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