Use Razopay pay buttons on your website

Login in to your Razorpay dashboard and select the Payment Button

Click on the Create Payment button option from the right corner

Select any kind of button you need

Enter the Product amount, Title, and Amount and click on the Next button

Click on the Create button

Now, copy the code. You can configure the redirect URL after successful payment from here.

You can add the code to your VINTCER website in multiple ways, we will explain the two of them here.

After adding a section (we have used the gallery section here), click on the title/subtitle and then click on the + icon to add a new element

Now choose the Widget (blue colored, last option)

Enter the code that you have copied from the Razorpay and click on the Save button

Please ingore the warnings like- Payment Button is not added. Add Button script inside 'form' tag.

After saving the code click on the publish button and you are all set to accept payments from your customer suing the Razorpay.

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