Adding Video to your website.

We made very easy for you to Add Video on your website. just use our Video widget and enter the Video ID and Video will be added to your Website.

This tutorial explain about Background Video. To add a Video other than Background, please read next article.

Only Youtube and Vimeo are supported if you are using our built in Video widget. To add video from third party like Wistia, Dailymotion etc. Please read respected Article.

To add a video:

1. Click anywhere inside a section and click on the + icon

2. After clicking on + icon choose the Video option from available widget list

  1. A default video will appear in the stripe.

  2. To change the video, click on it and a then click on Edit Video button.

You can also set filters and change the opacity of Video background.

4. How to Find Youtube Video-

It is very simple to find your YouTube video ID. First, go to the YouTube webpage. Look at the URL of that page, and at the end of it, you should see a combination of numbers and letters after an equal sign (=). This is the VIDEO ID you need to enter in your website or VIDEO panel setting.

5. How to Find Vimeo youtube video-

  1. To find your Video ID, go to the Vimeo page and find the video you want to put on your website.

  2. Once it is loaded, look at the URL and look for the numbers that come after the slash (/).

If you choose Autoplay (muted) option then your VIDEO will be muted by default as per Youtube/Google , Vimeo and Chrome policy.

You can read more about Autoplay restrictions here-

You can also embed any third-party VIDEO other than Youtube and Vimeo using RAW code widget.

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