PayPal payments using payment links

Note:- You can directly embed PayPal and other Payment gateway button to your website alternatively you can add a Payment link to the buttons on your website.

Open the PayPal button creation page

  1. Log in to your PayPal Business or Premier account at PayPal account Summary page opens.

  2. At the top of the page, select Tools, and then All Tools.

  3. Scroll to PayPal buttons and click Open.The Make a PayPal Button page opens.Tip: To add PayPal buttons to your Tools menu, click the Payment buttons hearton the All Tools page.

  4. Click Select button for the type of button you want to create.The Create PayPal payment button page opens and displays the button's configuration options.

Enter payment details

  1. In Item name, enter the name of the item or service that you want to sell.

  2. (Optional) If you assign tracking numbers to your products or you want PayPal to track inventory levels, enter a unique inventory ID or tracking number in Item ID.

  3. In the Price field, enter the price of the item or service. Leave blank if your product has different options and prices. See Add product options and prices.

  4. To change the default currency, click a currency from the Currency drop-down menu.The default currency is listed in your Profile, under My Money and PayPal balance.Note: If you're satisfied with your button, click Create Button to save your button and generate the HTML code. Then copy and paste the code to your web page.

Add product options and prices

If your product has multiple options, like colors and sizes, add a drop-down menu to your button to list each option. You can list options with or without prices. To gather product customization information from a customer, add a text box to your button. For example, if you offer custom engraving, customers enter the message they want engraved in the text box.

  1. To add up to 10 product options, click Add drop-down menu with price/option or Add options without prices.

  2. Configure these options:Name of drop-down menuEnter a name that appears above the drop-down menu, as Size.Menu option nameEnter a name for the option, such as Small.PriceEnter the price for option, such as $10.00. This item is disable if you are adding options without prices.CurrencyA drop-down menu that shows the default currency. To change the currency, select a different currency in the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Add another option, Remove option, or Done.

  4. Preview the drop-down menu in Your customer's view.

  5. To add up to two text fields where customers can enter information, click Add text field.

After creating Payment button, Click on Email option (as shown in below image). And copy the Link.

After generating PayPal payment link, Go back to website editor and add a button or choose an element from element tab.

Click on the button and choose Link to.

Now choose External Url and enter PayPal payment link and click on Save button. After saving the button. Publish your website and now your customers can pay directly to you through PayPal.

Alternatively, you can also embed PayPal button directly to your website using Raw element

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